torsdag 9 augusti 2012

Biscay crossing and A Coruña

Dolphins and sunlight!

The crossing went well apart from a minor rip in our 2nd hand main sail.

Dolphins fallowed us almost all the way! Even in the middle of the night.

Arriving to Spain was like stepping right into a sauna, suddenly, when you stuck your head out the door, the wind wasnt cold anymore! I cant really say that i miss England / Ireland...well...maybe just a tiny bit...but atleast not the weather!

Our current position can always be found in the link below.


fredag 3 augusti 2012

From Dublin towards Cork.


We arrived to Dublin where our crew had booked tickets back to sweden. But we had some days left before they were actualy leaving us. Guinness beer brewery and a wax museum was two of the things we managed to to before they left! Both very interesting, especialy the wax museum where i was scared close to death by a witch suddenly who suddenly moved all by herself when i enterd the room!

The above picture shows some of our pub-like souveniers we found at the Guinness shop.

The picture below is taken in Wicklow, south of Dublin, where we spent two nights. Beautiful town with lots of flowers and things to see, including the bookstore on the picture two steps down.

We left Wicklow and headed for Cork. Anchored in many nice little bays on the way down. Not much sailing tho, the wind was terrible, S-SW all the time, wich were exactly the direction we were going.

We spent one night on a bouy belonging to RCYC (Royal Cork Yacht Club) the oldest yacht club in the world! The next day we sailed up to Cork city where we picked up our new crew memeber (picture above). The next day we spent all day carrying food from the stores back to the boat, even some safety equipment consisting of two flares and one flare with a parachute that we never plan to use, but better to have them and not needing them then needing them and not having them!

We sailed back down to the royal yacht club and have now spent 3 nights here looking around and preparing for the trip down to A Coruna, or some bay next to it, have not yet planned exactly where we are heading yet!

We also met two other swedish boats (Balance and Anniara) who are, just like us sailing down to Spain. This means we are three swedish boats leaving the same day for spain! And hopefully arriving more or less at the same time. What safety equipment beats being three boats going to the same place at the same time!?

The plan is to leav for Spain in the morning 04/08 - 2012

Our current position can always be found in the link below.


tisdag 24 juli 2012


Poolbeg Yacht Marina

Dublin might be the best experience so far this year, apart from Caledonian canal. We have had very nice weather with temperatures in exess of 25 degree C and much sun. Our crew left us and we are now only two people on board again untill we get to Cork we our next crew will be waiting for a trip to Spain / Portugal and Marina du Povoa north of Porto.

Poolbeg Marina is kinda remote and not 100% working. Strange electricity and unstable internet. Nice people tho!

On the upside you get to see some big ships operating with laserlike precicion.

Below is a picture of a Ro-Ro boat making a 180 turn to just seconds later lay moored in its birth to unload lorrys.

Isle of Man


After picking up our new crew in Belfast we sailed from Abercorn basin in Belfast to "Knockinelder" a bay on the east coast, much better starting position when you are leaving for Isle of Man! When we arrived to Isle of Man we had to spend some hours on the inside of the piers that protects the inlet to Peel harbour to wait for the tide to rise enought for us to go in.

The picture below shows some people in a viking ship training for an upcoming viking ship race.

Peel is a nice little town, much like my hometown in fact. Narrow streets and old fashion shops. Since we had 2 birthdays to look forward to (one 59 and one 60!) during our stay in Peel we did alot of nights out. Mostly fish and ships but even a chineese night and some lasanga at The Creek. A pub close to the Marina.

Before we left Isle of Man for Dublin we went to the local yacht club for a beer and to exchange club flags! Thank you for a nice stay on Isle of Man!

Our current position can always be found in the link below.


måndag 9 juli 2012


Belfast turned out to be a very nice city! There is a shopping center right behind our boat. The marina is cheap and actually not crowded (for some unknown reason). There is a Titanic museum close by and a Zoo close to the city on the north side.

We took a buss from the city center to the Zoo and spent our day there. BBC Weather told us there would not be any rain all day but cloudy. The cloudy part was right but the "no rain" part was of course wrong. We got alot of it and had to hang all our clothes to dry when we came back to our boat. Even the camera bag was soaking wet. But in some miraculous way the camera itself was all dry! Nothing lost to the nature this time.

Below is a couple of pictures from the Zoo.

Red bay to Belfast

Random pictures from Red bay and our way down to Belfast.

Our courtesy flag line broke in Ballycastle. Now in Red Bay we got a good opportunity to go up the mast to pull the flag line back down through its mounting on the starboard lower spreader.

Islay to Red Bay via Ballycastle


We arrived to Ballycastle, a cute city with a good marina, everything looked brand new and we soon got told it basicly was. The harbour office barely looked used at all!

We left our boat in the marina and rented a car to go to Londonderry to attend the Clipper race homecoming festival thingy. Clipper race is a "round the world sail race" and this time there were 10 boats participating. The boats are 68 foot long and got a crew of 18 including professional captains and paying crew. Both men and women. Some of them total rookies.

Below is a couple of pictures from the event.

Later on we sailed from Ballycastle south to a nice little bay called "Red bay" where we achored for the night and got these pictures below. 

We finaly got to try our new windlass (finished the installation in Eyemouth earlier this year) and it worked beautifully. Things get so much easier when you only have to press a button to release or pick up your anchor! The weather was more or less perfect, the sun was out all day and not more then 1 m/s wind speeds. Perfect conditions for anchoring!

Our current position can always be found in the link below.