onsdag 9 maj 2012

Draft... More than 4 meters...

This is a picture of our swing keel ALL the way down, way past the stop bolt. The bolt is all fine but the hooks on the keel that were suposed to make the whole thing stay at 3.2m draft were not as strong as expected.

After ramming the whole boat, with the travellift, onto the quay, we managed to get the swing keel up enough to move the whole boat up on the dry. Later on we lowered the whole boat over the keel just like when we fastend it the first time back home in Örebro, Sweden. Then tied it there with a piece of our anchor chain.

A big thanks to all the wonderfull and supportive people who have given us rides to stores in their cars and even diving to get a look at what we were to expect as the travellift braught us up on land.

Next step: Find a store selling epoxi / glass fibre and another one selling wood.

Hydraulic cylinder.

This is a picture of the hydralic piston that were supose to be attached to the keel but had corroded right off.

Temporary fix

After finding all the needed materials we started building a lid to cover the keel box hole, since we won't be able to lower it anymore this season. 


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