torsdag 28 juni 2012

Caledonian Canal

Caledonian Canal was a pleasing experience, beautiful flora and fauna. Not too much rain.

We started our canal trip by stayng in Inverness for about 10 days to wait for additional crew. We also found out that the Caledonian Canal is what they call a "Friend canal" to the Swedish "Göta canal" as you can see on the picture below.

The weather changes from rain to sun to cloudy and back to rain again and again.

"Today we had nice weather five times" - Berndt.

It's not everyday you see signs like this on water. You could find them on mant places along the canal. Mostly where the canal had some waterslides down to the original river. We saw many people canoing down the slides. The first time it happend  we thought they fell down by mistake but soon understood the mistake was on our side.

The picture below shows Urquhart castle, somewhere in the middle of Loch Ness and the beautiful landscape behinde it. 

Ducks and Ducklings, there is actualy 10 of them and their mom.

Our current position can always be found in the link below.


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