måndag 4 juni 2012


Eight days in Eyemouth so far and many things achieved!

Our windlass is now plugged in to the boats electric system with two nice big footbuttons for up and down.

At last we ran out of freshwater so we could fill up our tanks with fresh water from Eyemouth wich contains less chalk than the water we brought from the southern parts of England. The White cliffs of Dover are white because of ...well...chalk!

All our dishes need to be cleaned with citric acid and the dishwasher is probably furious at us for using water with such a high concentration of chalk.

Down here is a picture of some big waves crashing onto the beach of Eyemouth that attracted alot of tourists like us!

We were told by the Harbour Master that these conditions are rare and that waves this big only find their way in here under the exact right wind conditions. Just a couple of 100 meters out to sea the waves are all normal calm north sea waves

It seemes the high piers does not give a 100% protection from the nature.

And even though there are big concreete walls protecting us from the nature here, someone got caught and flushed out to sea. Down here is a picture of the rescue boat on its way, there were several ambulances and even a helicopter involved, i hope no one got badly hurt


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