måndag 9 juli 2012

Islay to Red Bay via Ballycastle


We arrived to Ballycastle, a cute city with a good marina, everything looked brand new and we soon got told it basicly was. The harbour office barely looked used at all!

We left our boat in the marina and rented a car to go to Londonderry to attend the Clipper race homecoming festival thingy. Clipper race is a "round the world sail race" and this time there were 10 boats participating. The boats are 68 foot long and got a crew of 18 including professional captains and paying crew. Both men and women. Some of them total rookies.

Below is a couple of pictures from the event.

Later on we sailed from Ballycastle south to a nice little bay called "Red bay" where we achored for the night and got these pictures below. 

We finaly got to try our new windlass (finished the installation in Eyemouth earlier this year) and it worked beautifully. Things get so much easier when you only have to press a button to release or pick up your anchor! The weather was more or less perfect, the sun was out all day and not more then 1 m/s wind speeds. Perfect conditions for anchoring!

Our current position can always be found in the link below.


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