tisdag 24 juli 2012

Isle of Man


After picking up our new crew in Belfast we sailed from Abercorn basin in Belfast to "Knockinelder" a bay on the east coast, much better starting position when you are leaving for Isle of Man! When we arrived to Isle of Man we had to spend some hours on the inside of the piers that protects the inlet to Peel harbour to wait for the tide to rise enought for us to go in.

The picture below shows some people in a viking ship training for an upcoming viking ship race.

Peel is a nice little town, much like my hometown in fact. Narrow streets and old fashion shops. Since we had 2 birthdays to look forward to (one 59 and one 60!) during our stay in Peel we did alot of nights out. Mostly fish and ships but even a chineese night and some lasanga at The Creek. A pub close to the Marina.

Before we left Isle of Man for Dublin we went to the local yacht club for a beer and to exchange club flags! Thank you for a nice stay on Isle of Man!

Our current position can always be found in the link below.


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